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LiFePo4 Lithium battery pack with Soft package cells

Why do we need use soft package? What are its advantages?

  • Good safety performance,
  • Light weight,
  • High specific capacity,
  • Small internal resistance,
  • Flexible appearance design,
  • Long cycle life
  • Withstand internal pressure, good safety performance
    Soft packaging battery is currently the safest battery between three types (cylinder, square lithium), as because soft packaging use of aluminum plastic film composite PP film heat seal packaging, so can only withstand 2-3kg of internal pressure will naturally edge open, not like cylinder, square battery can withstand more than ten kilograms of internal pressure and when the internal pressure rises rapidly and the exhaust valve does not have time to open, an explosion will occur by using cylinder, square battery cells.

  • Technologies we have achieved
    We have achieved two core technologies of soft packaging battery cells: sealing technology and anti-corrosion technology.those are most harder part for this kind of battery cells,that why not have many factory can do it

  • Soft packaging battery has long cycle life
    Reasonable combination of positive and negative poles, strict moisture control and high temperature pressurization technology ensure long life of the battery.

  • Soft packaging battery consistency is great
    The voltage of the battery pack after standing and charging and discharging is highly consistent.

  • Professional R & D team
    Our R&D team has 15 years of experience in soft packaging structure design, and has a deep understanding of battery management system, various waterproof seal design and welding technology (currently laser welding process is used), and has the safety concept of automotive battery design.

Custom made is available for us,also if you like single modular to DIY ,we also can offer that.

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