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  • On/off (long press 2 seconds)

  • Voice switching (off state) (long press 2 seconds)

  • Play/pause (1 single press)

  • Change to next song : double press

  • Answer/hang off (1 single press)

  • Play time: about 4-6 hours,

  • Standby time: about 10 days

  • USB output: charging

  • Capacity of earphone battery: 50 mah

  • Earphone charging time: about 60 minutes

  • Bluetooth version:4.1

  • Work range: 8 -12m

  • The way wearing: earplug

  • Weight:4.5g


Recharge Method

Put the earphone into the storage box, twist the lid,find the charging port which at
the botton of storage box and connect it with the charging cable.

When charging, the storage box is bright red, once fully charged the light will turn to blue

Fine work, industrial design

High-capacity button batteries, metal cavity design, high-powered speaker unit let you enjoy the good sound quality based on such mini space.

One-button operation
Use one-dimensional HOME key design, use more simple.

Metal fixed ring,Stable, beautiful.

Keychain earphone

The body is made of aviation metal.more convenience with keychain

Beauty, Quality Guaranteed

Inside Structure

Detail inside structure,best quality you can see.

Wireless Headset

Fashion in your eyes
Bluetooth combine with fashion: bluetooth Pendant earbuds


  • Handsfree/hand off/refuse, call number, repeat last number, listen to music, watch video, wechat voice,Noise reduction and high-quality communication

  • Size:
    Storage box:42mm *20mm
    Earbuds:23mm *15mm

  • Indicator light condition:
    Turn on : Blue light flashes 3 times
    Turn off : Blue Light Slow Flash 1 time
    Pairing : Blue light Slow flash
    After the pairing: the indicator light goes off.
    Earbuds charging, the blue light keep constant
    (Storage box red light keep constant)
    Earbuds fully charged : light goes off
    (Storage box blue light keep constant)

Applicable products :

Apple / Sanxing / Huawei / Xiaomi etc. Smart Phone, iPad etc.tablet, notebook , desktop computer  (need to buy bluetooth receiver if not have bluetooth function )

Warm Tips:

Please use 1A and less charger to charge it, after full charge, please disconnect the power source, and we not recommend using power bank or fast charger to charge the earphone.once Fully charged, please disconnect the power source.

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